30th September 2022


United Liberal Catholic Churches International


As with most Churches we at United Liberal Catholic Church International hold a variety of liturgical services and ceremonies. We are currently unable to perform any form of Holy Matrimony services. We are able to perform a Rite of Blessing of a Marriage in a Registry Office (please contact your local Church/Priest).
Please see one of the options below for more information.

Weekday Mass – We advise our Churches to say a mid day (12:00) at least twice a week.

Sunday Mass – All of our Churches say a Sunday Mass.  All are welcome at the Sunday Mass and a period of time for chat and refreshments always follows.

Rite of Baptism – Baptism/Christenings are performed during a Sunday Mass.  If you would like a Baptism for yourself or a Christening for your Children please complete complete this form.

Rite of Funeral – Funerals are at the discretion of the Senior Priest of each Church.  Each clergy person within ULCCI is registered with the local funeral homes. To request a funeral please complete this form

Marriage Preparation – We are happy to provide The Marriage Course, a preparation course for marriage.  This course is an 8 session course, which can be run as a group of couples or on an individual couple basis.

Rite of Marriage Blessings – At ULCCI our ordained Clergy in the United Kingdom are happy to perform a Marriage Blessing following a Civil Marriage in the Registry Office. 

Our Clergy in the United States of America are able to perform Marriage Services, please contact your local Parish Priest.

Ordinations – Within ULCCI we are happy ordain anyone who has a calling to serve God and lead a Church in His name. First move is to read How To Join.