30th September 2022


United Liberal Catholic Churches International

Parish Formation

The United Liberal Catholic Church (ULCCI) is committed to encouraging and nurturing the creation of new congregations around the world.  Today, ULCCI is training both Clergy and Lay Ministry leaders in all areas of the world to lead vibrant and healthy churches of all types and in multiple languages.

To fully engage all aspects of the ULCCI mission, vision, and values, there are NEW ways to carry the message of ULCCI to NEW places.  While the phrase “emerging church” has various meanings, ULCCI seeks to “Emerge” strategically and with unprecedented denominational and individual support for new church development.

Each Emerging Church has a unique path reflecting the multiple diversities of ULCCI and context of each location, rather than follow a formula, or set of criteria, associated with the phrase “emerging church” or any specific form of church development.

The purpose of the Emerging Church program is to lead all types of ministries through a discernment process that moves from concept, to small group, a community, and finally to a fully recognised ULCCI church.

Three Steps to Becoming an ULCCI Emerging ChurchThe following outlines common steps for most churches to successfully emerge as vibrant and healthy ULCCI churches.

  1. Authorisation of Ministry and Leader through the Office of Emerging Ministries. Initial contact, conversation, and discernment begin the Authorisation process. Following initial contact and conversation, a potential Ministry Leader may be invited to complete a Discernment and Ministry Proposal. Authorisation of an Emerging Church Ministry and a Ministry Leader is finalized by the Office of Emerging Ministries. When considering this process, please realise that all Emerging Churches require sponsorship. (Continue reading for official forms to download and submit for Step 1).
  2. Formation: 1-3 year process from concept to core team, legal recognition, launch team, and then public worship. The timeline varies according to context.
  3. Affiliation with ULCCI is the final step for an Emerging Church. The Criteria for Affiliation is a framework which may be applied differently in each global area; indicators of an Emerging Church’s readiness to affiliate are contained in a separate protocol for each global area. 

Download Emerging Churches Proposal (Word Doc)