30th September 2022


United Liberal Catholic Churches International

How to Join?

We do not have a Seminary, but we can put you in touch with one local to you.

We welcome applications from both men and women, heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, trans-gendered, etc. As long as the candidate can complete the following stages to the best of their ability, we will welcome them.

The stages to ordination with us are:

  1. Initial Application
    This is the initial stage where you send a request to us for an application form.  We will send to you via email the application form.  When you completed the application form and returned it to us, we will move you to the next stage.
    We will also require:

    * a Police Records Check/DBS
    * copies of any Certificates/Transcripts listed within your application form.
  2. Discernment
    This is a period for both the candidate and the Director of Ordinands to contemplate the calling to serve the Lord and to serve ULCCI as a member of Clergy.  This part of the process can take up to 12 months.
  3. Bishop’s Advisory Panel (BAP)
    Once the Discernment stage has been completed or when it is felt that you are ready, you will be invited to attend a BAP meeting.  If you pass the BAP stage then you move onto the Seminary stage.  You can only attend 3 BAP meetings.  BAP’s are held twice a year.
  4. Seminary
    Most Seminaries courses last between 3 – 5 years.  This stage is required to progress to the Ordination stage.
  5. Ordination as Transitional Deacon
    Being ordained as a Transitional Deacon does not mean that is the end of the road.  You can remain a Deacon or progress to become a Priest in ULCCI. During your Diaconal ministry you will be required to provide your Ordination Coordinator with the name and address of 10 contacts who would be wiling to provide you with letter of support.
  6. Priestly Ordination
    The final stage to Ordination as the Priesthood within the United Liberal Catholic Church International.

Further Reading

Here is a list of books you might find helpful on the topic of Vocation and calling 

  • An Introduction to Christian Ministry (Gordon Kurht, Church House Publishing 2000) ISBN 9780715143223
  • Being a Deacon Today (Rosalind Brown, Canterbury Press 2005) ISBN 9781853116247.
  • Being a Priest Today (Brown and Cocksworth, Canterbury Press 2002) ISBN 9781853117299
  • Called or Collared (Frances Dewar, SPCK 2000) ISBN 9781853117299
  • How to find your Vocation (John Adair, Canterbury Press 2000) ISBN 9781853114168
  • Invitations :God’s Calling for Everyone (Frances Dewar, SPCK 1991) ISBN 9780281049486
  • Live for a Change (Frances Dewar, SPCK 2004) ISBN 9780232517996
  • Thank God it is Monday – Ministry in the Workplace (SU 2001) ISBN 9781859995037
  • The Life and Work of a Priest (John Pritchard, SPCK 2007) ISBN 9780281057481
  • This is our Calling (Charles Richardson, SPCK 2004) ISBN 9780281056002
  • Get a life (Tim Sledge and Ally Barrett – for vocations among teenagers, a Youth Emmaus Course) ISBN 9780715141465
  • I think it’s God calling (Katy Magdalene Price BRF 2015 ISBN 9781841016450