8th August 2022


United Liberal Catholic Churches International

Statement form the Presiding Bishop of the United Liberal Catholic Church International.

ULCCI has from its earliest times been a place which accommodates respectful debate and disagreement and the present process is one which gives the Church the chance to have that debate.

The Christian message is one of love and inclusion of all of God’s creation. It is not for any one branch of the Church to claim that there is no space for other branches. Some used similar emotive language about schism before ULCCI ordained males and females as Priests and consecrated males and females as Bishops.

United Liberal Catholic Church International has survived and flourished because of our fully inclusion.

We believe we all belong to the Church of Jesus Christ and this is where we will stay as we continue the work of evangelism and outreach to all of God’s people.

We affirm our belief in a God who includes and not excludes; a God who reaches out to others and who does not chase them away; a God who blesses and does not curse; a God who welcomes the wayward child and who prepares a feast at their homecoming.

Jonathan Hughes
Presiding Bishop