2nd December 2022


United Liberal Catholic Churches International

You are invited to visit our website and the College of Bishops welcome you.
We are a VibrantInclusive and Progressive community of faith

A Place to Learn

We pride ourselves on​ creating a relaxed, comfortable and welcome atmosphere where ALL are welcome to come and learn about the Church, Faith, Sexuality, Gender and Theology.

A Place to Worship

The United Liberal Catholic Church International is known for being churches that are welcoming, friendly and caring to all who come to worship in one of our churches around the globe that was created for us.

A Place for V.I.P Congregates

We use the term V.I.P in our jurisdiction to express that we are a Vibrant, Inclusive and Progressive community of faith and people. When new clergy, members and guests join us they are told that we are a V.I.P community of faith where many gather in the body of Christ but where each person is uniquely different just as they were made in Christ Jesus.

To keep our hard work going we ask you to consider supporting the ULCCI with your prayers and faithful gifting. Funds raised help to support our online presence and our clergy as they go about day to day bring hope and faith to the world.